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Hey there, Seeker...

My name is Marisa. As a psychic/medium and energetic healer, I discovered at the age of four that when I put my hands on people, I could feel what they were feeling – in body, mind, and spirit.

Even when they tried to show the world one emotion, I felt another – hidden away from conscious thought.

If you are struggling with some form of imbalance in body, mind, or spirit, I can help bring you back to your natural state of balance through 1:1 healing sessions, long-term coaching, or through my powerful Alignment Community.

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How can I help?

Healing Sessions

Perfect for soulful individuals who are looking for spiritual mediumship readings or energy healing sessions (Reiki).

1:1 Coaching

Best for men & women who need more support in their lives to conquer ongoing confidence issues, anxiety, or feeling “stuck.”

Support Community

A work in progress! This group coaching community will be open in 2022 for people continuing their alignment journey.

Need some guidance?

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