I am a passionate energetic healer and spiritual medium, a little obsessed with brain chemistry and a drive to be of service to your spiritual growth!

I often had dreams during my childhood about things that would happen in the future, sometimes years in advance! I felt strongly about trusting my intuition which was often active and spot on about people and situations.

I could intuit an inner voice that guided me. Heeding this advice always seemed to guide me on the right path, and I found rather quickly that ignoring it did not help.

Only many years later did I discover that this guidance was the voice of my Guardian Angel. Once I embraced this gift of “divine discernment” or psychic/mediumship, I could start to truly harness my power.

I can now identify as what was recognized as a “seer” back in Biblical times, something I was familiar with due to my Catholic upbringing.

Finding my energetic flow...

In 2010, I discovered that Reiki energetic healing was what I had been doing since the age of 4 by placing my hands on people and “listening” to what their body, mind, and spirit had to say, then using my breath to redirect the flow of energy to bring healing, peace, and a sense of well being.

The next year, in 2011, I began pursuing mind/body/spirit education in the form of Ayurveda, a system of wellness over 5000 years old designed to bring balance to anyone through food, herbs, yoga, meditation & exercise. As much as I saw the benefit of Western medicine, I knew that a system of wellness that integrated all three of these aspects of well being was going to be radically impactful for personal health.

Marrying the spiritual and medical...

I have a heavy medical background with experience in the pharmaceutical industry. My previous education at UCSD revolved heavily around the study of psychology and brain chemistry with great passion.

The products that I was involved with varied across many diseases states: psychiatry, cardiology, gastroenterology, pain management, pulmonology and infection control.

My love of science was only deepened during the program at Kerala Ayurveda Academy. There, I learned that there was no single approach for everyone. YOU are UNIQUE. YOUR solutions to the issues you are facing must also be tailored to YOU and ONLY YOU.

Diseases happen because one’s natural balance has gone out of whack. I practice the Ayurvedic science that re-aligns you back to your natural state of balance in mind, body and spirit. ( You will feel like the most empowered, centered, authentic YOU!) or do we omit this last phrase (the one in parentheses)  because the gold bar has when you are balanced you are the very best you?

When you are balanced, you are the very BEST YOU.

Strive to Align

If you are struggling with some form of imbalance in body, mind, and spirit, let me help bring you back to your natural state of balance through a 1:1 healing session. Whether through a Psychic/Mediumship reading, a Reiki Healing Session, or an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation, the body knows innately how to heal itself, and I will help guide you toward what you can do to bring your body back to its balanced self with tenderness and compassion.

How can I help?

Healing Sessions

Perfect for soulful individuals who are looking for spiritual mediumship readings or energy healing sessions (Reiki).

1:1 Coaching

Best for men & women who need more support in their lives to conquer ongoing confidence issues, anxiety, or feeling “stuck.”

Support Community

A work in progress! This group coaching community will be open in 2022 for people continuing their alignment journey.

Need some guidance?

Click here to book a consultation call so we can figure out where you need the most support and which offer best fits your needs.

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