Is the goal

Holistic Alignment Coaching with

Are you an overachiever who is starting to feel burnt out & lacking motivation?

Maybe you are questioning “how did I end up HERE?” You know you want something better for yourself, because you are a DO-ER. You value truth, integrity and commitment, but motivation has waned, and you need a new North Star.

When “WTF” has become your mantra for that never-ending battle with the anxiety gremlins in your head...

it’s time to align

You’re ready to become your own best friend and you want real help, measured by outcomes, not something that sounds self-helpy-cute stitched on a pillow somewhere. Because you realize that you’re ready to make yourself the number one priority without guilt or shame, and it’s your mother-effin’ time to shine!

When you are stuck at a crossroads, lacking direction, & feeling less than confident in your decisions...

it’s time to align

You know that you have the heart of a helper and believe in paying it forward, but you need to help yourself first. I will help you get your oxygen mask on, calmly and confidently so that you can lead the way for others. They will look at you knowing that you are ohm-so-centered, capable and trustworthy.

When you are trying your best to keep your head above water, feeling pulled down by the current of emotions under the surface...

it’s time to align

I’m here to help you discover the hidden wisdom that your body has been aching to reveal to  you. You will have a truly holistic understanding of yourself that leads you to self-compassion and the ability to turn that tidal wave of emotion into a little sidewalk puddle, easily jumped over!

When you’re aligned, you’ll know it.

When you’re in alignment, you’ll…