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One of the reasons that I saw so much progress so quickly was because once you kind of are able to connect to that inner part of yourself, it’s more about Okay. And now what? like, let’s start working and working not only through those things, but come up with ways to circumvent that whole thought pattern and just get to where it is that you want to be.”

I wanted to thank Marisa so much for helping me to get rid of a presence that was driving me insane. It was keeping me up at night and it was interrupting every aspect of my life for over 5 months. I decided to reach out to her for help.
I felt so comfortable and relaxed talking to her. She is so professional, caring and kind. She automatically put me at ease.

I’ve tried to get help from so many other people but Marisa was the only one that got rid of it. I’m finally at peace and able to enjoy life again. I cannot thank her enough for helping me. Marisa is truly gifted!”

Sandra F.

Not only did I land on a client, but I got probably three to five times more than I would have had I gone with my original price.

Marisa just has this insightful way about her that allowed me to get past the things and the feelings that I was having, that I didn’t even know I was having, in a way that I don’t think any other coach would have been able to do.”

Veronika F.

“Marisa is absolutely amazing. She is the real deal and immediately puts you at ease. It is clear that she has a gift and a beautiful heart. She provides you with the guidance that you don’t even realize you are looking for. I would recommend her to anyone! A truly amazing and life changing experience!”

Kaila P.

Unless you work with her, I don’t think you could possibly know how phenomenal that is when you finally have that you know ahaw moment and you’re like That’s what it was. That’s one hundred percent what it was and now I can work past it.”

Rachel K.

In the first few weeks, I valued the awareness of where my mind creates narratives and then provides justification for them, even when they aren’t necessarily true. Seeing that my addition to fear and judgement does not align with the essence of my spirit (JOY) was also very powerful. 

Weeks four and six helped me to see that my inner spirit is involved in more areas of my life (like creative problem solving, writing and crafting solutions to difficult problems) was really helpful. I always gave credit to the mind for that, but there was more to it. I also gained the awareness that spirit is “always okay” and while the mind and body may react with fear or anxiety, there is a part of me that is alright…no matter what. 

In weeks seven, eight and nine, the work that we did on identifying thought patterns and beliefs and establishing a pattern interruptor was really valuable. Additionally, seeing that some patterns are a bit more stubborn and difficult to let go of helped. Some cleared out easily, others took more time. 

In weeks ten and eleven, it was intriguing to learn and understand how procrastination is really prolonged suffering. We also went through the areas of powerlessness and powerful resistance. Being able to see when I reached the point of “enough” in multiple areas of life was really powerful (especially when the pattern interrupt from prior weeks was brought in as well).”

Melissa G.

Before I decided to participate in Marisa’s “Whole is the Goal” program, I was struggling to make sense of a lot of things in my life. My father had recently passed away, and that had stirred up a lot of emotions in me. I felt burned out in my 20 year career, and it was causing me anxiety. I found myself feeling reactive and dissatisfied with my life, and I really wanted to feel better.

Over the past 12 weeks, Marisa has help me change my life for the better. She has helped me unlock and process limiting beliefs I was unaware of, and change old thinking patterns that were not serving me. I have become more grounded and balanced, and more in tune with my mind-body-and spirit. I have become more intentional with my communication, and my overall energy and well-being has increased. So much progression has happened in such a short amount of time, that I feel like a different person.

Due to all this progress, I have been able to make peace with things in my past that were causing me pain. I am rarely reactive, and I noticed the other day that I haven’t had anxiety for awhile now. I have let go of behaviors and thoughts that haven’t been serving me well. And best of all, I have found the courage and inspiration to start my own business, take the steps necessary to transition away from my long-time job, and design my dream career. I feel enthusiastic & excited about my life and my future.

Marisa is also a wonderful person who is full of light, wisdom, and knowledge. She is fun & cool, and I have enjoyed working with her immensely. It has been an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for the growth & change that has happened in my life.”

Shara M.

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