Shower thoughts

Hey Seeker!

I think of you in the shower… Yes, Seeker, for realsies I do!

Ok, now get your mind out of the gutter (mine was there too thinking of a catchy title to intrigue you) so we can get to spiritualizing shower time. Lol!

The shower is what I call my “think tank”. Being a Pisces, water and the depths all of the emotion that it symbolizes is my home. I love a good shower. Almost as much as I love the smell of clean sheets and getting into them. Every shower is a chance to renew, release energy and start fresh. Literally.  

And so, dearest seeker, I do think of you there! 

In the water, I allow myself to slip into the same connected space as when I am channeling for you, facilitating an energy healing or the like. It is there, with water pouring over me that I send you blessings and intentions of gratitude for being connected to you in real life, and the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Sending you love and healing and prayers for your highest good, especially if we have just interacted recently. 

Now, this may have you wondering if I am “spying” on you from afar. I’m not, I swear! I suppose you could think of it as me sending a loving Morse code sort of signal/transmission to your energy field. It’s a one way signal of love. Instead of “catch and release” with fishes (my inner Pisces just said yikes! with a crumpled face) its Bless and Release!

It’s like this too with your loved ones and Guardian Angels that I connect with. 

When you hear me say they are with you, I assure you that they are not with you in the shower “watching” you on the daily. They see you more as an energy or even a color when you do things vs watching you like on some sort of cosmic nanny cam. 

{image here of hands holding binoculars with yellow background}

They aren’t judging you or critiquing you. They’re often cheering for you, expressing their pride or sharing how you’ve impacted them. You’ve gotten these signs and feelings that they are reaching out or making their presence known.  Sometimes they’ll have funsies playing specific songs on your phone, or the radio (does anyone listen to regular ol’ radio Gaga anymore?) maybe even flickering the lights in your home in sync with you thinking about them. You ask me “ is it them?” Yup. Sure is! I’ve pointed out specific things like this to so many of you when you’ve come to me wishing to connect with them. 

May this bring you some reassurance about how your loved ones are with you.

As for me, I’ve made a Christmas cookie mess of myself, so I’m off to take a shower! I’ll send you my blessings and love from there, Seekers!

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