Great Hopespectations

Hey Seeker!

The New Year for 2022 brings the great hope of a TRULY different reality than the one present for the last 2 years. Like, for realsies. E’rybody is tired. Tired in all directions. DUN-ZO. We are placing hope in hope. Now. 

A semi-famous spiritual guy I know calls hope “a beggar’s word”.  What on earth does he mean by that? That when we place our hope in hope, we are living at the mercy of our circumstances. We are reactionary. Not creating our future. In fancy NLP terms, we are living at effect. Our life is happening TO US, not FOR US.

Well, what then, oh wise spirit guru-man? Even the B-I-B-L-E says that hope is a thing. It is. What is meant by hoping is that we do our part, firstly by: making a decision, following through on the actions (and sometimes, inactions) of that decision, and really and truly giving it our best so that we may be satisfied with our efforts. When we are satisfied with our directed efforts, we CREATE hope.

One of the definitions of hope is trust. Trust that we have done our best. BE-ing our best leads to doing our best, thereby creating a feeling of pride. Self pride allows us to walk and talk, dearest Seeker, with our head a little higher, and an openness in our heart that spills forth from us like chocolate from that holiday dessert fountain onto everything and everyone that crosses our path. 

So, go ahead get on your hopiest hope hoping gear and get to creating your own hopeium.

Create that hopeful reality first by getting clear on what your heart desires. Make a list of 3 goals in each area of your life: health, relationships, finances, career, and self care for 2022.

Create a simple 30 and 90 day way to measure those goals. Then wash, rinse and repeat quarterly. Pro-tip: make 100% certain that you can achieve the 30 day goal so that you get that head held high with pride. Then get to strutting like a Care-Bear with your open heart ready to beam that hope onto everyone you meet. Go on, then. I believe in you!

I have hope in me, Seeker. And I have hope in YOU

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